Architectural Information  

Innovative Concrete Systems concrete (ICS) compared to standard concrete

Typical Physical strength Properties 28 Day cure period.

Compression Strength

Concrete 2390-3000   (psi)                                     ICS 6050        ASTM-C109

Tensile Strength                         

 Concrete (psi) 235                                                   ICS 584          ASTM-C190

Flex Strength

Concrete (psi) 610                                                    ICS 1953         ASTM-C348

Impact strength Gardner impact tested       

Concrete 6  ( in - lbs)                                                ICS 16             ASTM-D5420

Shear bond adhesion                                                  

Concrete 45     (psi)                                                  ICS 650          ASTM-D950

Abrasion Resistance

(weight loss in grams pre-1000)          `                ICS                  ASTM-C944

Slip Resistance 

(Static Friction)                                                           ICS                  ASTM-D4518

Wet         1 oz pumice added                                                 1.072

Dry         1 oz  pumice added                                                1.295 

ICS - Innovatice Concrete Systems, LLC - Repair Damaged Concrete

 DOC-25 Sealer - Specifications


Doc – 25 Water based Acrylic concrete sealer is ready to use sealer and concrete curing

Compound formulated of special acrylic polymer in true water based carrier. Doc – 25

Provides improved Resistance to Rain, sun, freezing temperatures, most acids and industrial chemicals, petroleum,, deicing salts, cleaning agents ( except aromatic solvents), diluted caustics, and other pollutants.


Doc-25 Water base acrylic curing and sealing compound may be quickly and easily applied to simultaneously cure and/ or seal new interior or exterior as well as vertical or horizontal concrete surfaces. It is ideal for application on commercial and industrial floors, sidewalk, basement and garage floors, driveway, patio parking areas.

Doc-25 will minimize hair-checking, premature creaking, dusting, and spalling

Appearance:  A milky white to light green with the mold inhibitor when first applied

Dries clear. Dries quickly on new concrete to a durable clear sheen finish that protects and enhances natural appearance of concrete. Doc -25 offer excellent wearing qualities for foot and vehicular traffic.

Application method

A typical industrial sprayer, also a free lambs wool roller applicator. Care should be taken to maintain a wet-edge during application to prevent roller marks in dried film.


·         Astm c 309, type 1 class B

·         AASHTO M 148, Type 1, Class B

·         Complies with all current federal, state, and local maximum allow Doc requirements, including U.S.  EPA, SCAQMD, and OTC

·         Meets SCAQMD rule1113- contains < g/l (Doc<100)

·         Canada Doc Concentration Limits for Architectural coatings Regulations

·         Dried film, is USDA accepted

Meets class a requirement of the ultraviolet light degradation / yellowing classification of ASTM C 1315, section 6.4.1

 Safety Data

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